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Independent or "Off-Grid" Hybrid Solar Systems

A hybrid independent solar system based on storage batteries (OFF-GRID) is an autonomous system that can provide electricity on its own anywhere and at any time! An Off-Grid system can be set up in private homes or B&Bs, farms in the Negev, security facilities, small factories and technology companies, or for anyone who wants or must be "independent" of the national electricity grid.

All systems are designed according to the customer's needs, from the consumption of small devices to the operation of large engines. We at SynergX in collaboration with Sunsynk. use the mostadvanced technology available  to provide efficient solutions to our customers in the field of energy storage.


The advantages of an Off-Grid system based on storage are clear:

  • Access to electricity anywhere at any time, without the need for permission
  • Significant savings in electricity production costs for 20-25 years
  • Provides a full response to power outages
  • Use of green energy which contributes to the quality of the environment and the earth
  • Can be added in addition to an existing solar system
  • A wide variety of our products can use the Off-Grid system, which allows for flexibility in both power and energy storage capacity
  • The system can be integrated in parallel with the generator, thus reducing the working time of the generator
  • Replaces the use of noisy generators and thus stops the dependence on the cost of polluted fuels


The Off-Grid (independent) system includes the following components:

Solar panels

Dynamic Hybrid solar inverter

Advanced Storage batteries


Every Sunsynk hybrid inverter can be used in an Off-Grid system system configuration!


For more details and all the options regarding Off-Grid systems based on storage, please contact us.


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