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Realize the possibility of significant additional income by establishing an industrial solar system based on energy storage on the roof of your building.

There are important advantages that will shape your future in several ways:

Attain energy independence

An off-grid solar system allows industrial activity to continue without the burden of rising electricity costs on the grid and off-grid additions. In addition, if a power outage occurs, your activity will not be affected, as are other sites connected to the grid.


A decrease in network connection charges

If you have industrial sites that change locations frequently, regular network connection charges can add up quickly. Going solar allows you to take your power with you and easily install in remote areas afterward.


Reliable and scalable

Especially in remote locations, dealing with erratic electricity can wreak havoc on project schedules and add unnecessary costs. When you go solar, it not only provides you with reliable power every day, but it is also easily scalable and can grow with your operation to continue to meet your needs. All that is needed is the addition of additional components such as batteries to achieve more power storage.


Independence from diesel generation costs

Diesel generators use a lot of fuel over time, which can make them great for small jobs, but inefficient for longer stretches or semi-permanent operations. In addition, solar systems are their own independent energy source and do not require any continued refueling and minimal maintenance.


Power consumption solution

If you have a site that requires a power source, implementing an off-grid solar system can offer you continuous power without access to the grid or a generator. After the initial installation is complete, your solar system will continue to provide the power you need at no additional cost. It is also a much more environmentally sustainable solution and reduces electricity consumption generated from fossil fuel sources.


Definition of the company or organization as a "green" organization

Reduce your carbon footprint by using clean solar energy. This is a standard required in international organizations where systems designed for energy efficiency and solar power systems are installed, and a significant definition in many situations.

Ideally installed in the following locations:

Industrial buildings


Large Offices

Public buildings

Agricultural buildings


And in every roof over 200 square meters


For more details and all options regarding industrial systems based on storage, feel free to reach out to us.


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