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The Sunsynk Data Logger and Sunsynk Connect App assist you to get the most out of your Sunsynk Inverter.

Sunsynk Data Logger is manufactured to the highest standards. It is IPX7 rated, flame retardant, anti-UV and encrypted to get full view and control of the installed energy generation and storage system, making it ideal for most indoor and outdoor applications.

The SunSynk Connect app has been specially tailored to be easy to use by both end customers and installers, delivering live update status reports and useful statistics to your mobile phone or PC.

Using Sunsynk Connect with your Sunsynk Data Logger gives you full monitoring and control of your system from anywhere in the world. This enables consistent synchronization of your system and maintaining the optimization point according to your changing needs and preferences.


  • Resume transmission
  • Plug and play
  • IPX7
  • Encryption
  • Flame Retardant
  • OTA
  •  Anti-UV
  • Remote configuration
  • Tool-Free

Complete control over your hybrid converter. Using our data logger gives you full control over your hybrid inverter. You will gain access to features that cannot be accessed through the inverter’s control panel, such as the update/upgrade feature to update the inverter’s operating system yourself.

Change all settings remotely. Our data logger allows you to change and edit all settings remotely from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

Brand new app for PC, 10S and Android devices. We designed and developed our own application which is specially adapted to the customer and the installer.

Real time monitoring. Most of our app works in real time including any changes you make that will be instantly updated in your Inverter.

Fully integrated with Grid Agile. Our app is fully integrated with Grid Agile, with this information you can set your charging/discharging prices and the system will automatically monitor the current tariff and amend the charging/discharging according to your settings.

Reporting. Generate custom reports and graphs to help you monitor and understand how your system is performing and where you’re saving money.

Recommended settings. Using the settings feature you already have a head start on your installation. Once your inverter has been installed, you can select from a list of recommended settings and import it straight to your inverter. Installers can also export settings from one inverter and upload to another inverter to shorten their installation time.

Live stats and monitoring. You have access to several statistics including real-time monitoring and reporting. Using this app allows you to see peaks in your energy consumption, you can then customize your system to bypass this to help you save money on your electricity bills.

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