High-Voltage Storage Battery

High-Voltage Storage Battery

Sunsynk’s advanced High-Voltage Battery uses high-end LifePO4 cells in a vertical configuration to maximize capacity, while utilizing its ergonomic design to save space.

The High Voltage battery storage system is designed to be simple to install and configure.
It provides a reliable backup power supply for supermarkets, banks, schools, farms and small factories to smooth the load curve and achieve peak load transfer. It also improves the stability of renewable systems and promotes the application of
renewable energy.

This modular energy storage system is designed for straightforward integration, exceptional reliability and a long service life. With a particularly wide working temperature range, this system offers outstanding flexibility and scalability.
The complete system supports 12 battery modules in series, so your total energy capacity can reach an impressive 61.44 kWh – perfect for any large scale installations.

Standard Features

Operating Voltage 538-691V

High cycle life >6000

Calibrated BMS with advanced protection systems

High discharge performance

Incorporated air gaps for cooling

10 Year Warranty

Standard Features

  • Length 59cm
  • Width 59cm
  • Height 224cm

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Paralleling Sunsynk, High-Voltage 50 kW inverter

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