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Commercial Hybrid System

Commercial solar systems, together with storage capacity, are one of the most important tools in the era of modern industry in Israel and the world. Join the solar revolution and create passive and profitable income from green electricity by using solar systems for businesses on the roof of your building with a double-digit return on your investment for 20-25 years.


It is suitable to install a commercial solar system on any available roof, with a minimum size of 150 square meters:




Public Buildings

Dairy farms

Chicken coops

Agricultural buildings


industrial buildings


How can energy storage benefit my business?


Classification of the company or organization as a “green” organization

Reduce your carbon footprint by using clean solar energy. This is a standard required in international organizations where systems designed for energy efficiency and solar power systems are installed, and a significant definition in many situations.


Emergency backup power

Draw energy from your battery and stay active in the event of a national or regional power grid failure, or a period of emergency.


“Peak Shaving”

Release your free solar energy at times of peak demand to avoid demand charges and peak time energy costs.


Load transfer

Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid peak energy prices and reduce costs.


Scalable design

Scalable to the space and energy requirements of each site; From small businesses to large scale solar parks.


Energy independence

Integrate with solar PV, build a local grid and operate independently from the national grid.


Payment method according to the discharge from the solar system based on battery storage:

  1. Every kWh that I don’t draw from the electricity company and pay for, I save it.
  2. Every kilowatt hour that I have created and returned to the Electric company network, I will receive the rate for it according to the relevant contract, usually according to the Time-of-use tariffs, which pays even more during Peak hours.


For more details and all options regarding storage-based commercial systems, please contact us.


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